Straightforward advice
to help money make sense

Our team has more than 60 years of combined experience in financial services and relationship management, so we certainly understand even the most complex investment concepts and the financial jargon that accompanies them.

But all the financial guidance in the world wouldn't be any good to you if you couldn't understand it. This is why we choose to talk in a straightforward manner – so you can be comfortable with the advice you're getting. Our mission is to make sure that your financial goals are clear, and so is our plan for pursuing them.

  • We are a relationship-based firm with financial advisors who are always accessible. We're here for you whenever you need us.
  • We pride ourselves on providing our clients with solid wealth management and making sure they fully understand how their investments are performing. We are transparent, accountable and responsive.
  • Our goal is to partner with our clients to create strategies for wealth preservation and growth opportunities.

Mission statement

We exist to provide reliable financial guidance and client service utilizing our capabilities and commitment.

Operating principles

  • We will be client focused
  • We will be flexible to take advantage of opportunities as they develop
  • We will utilize teams in the decision making process
  • We will encourage community involvement
  • We will function with integrity and maintain a high level of trust
  • We will provide excellent service and fair pricing
  • We will use positive leadership to adapt to the changing environment in our industry
  • We will use all available resources to communicate information among ourselves and clients
  • We will be accountable for what we say and do
  • We will have a positive attitude in all facets of our work
  • We will be committed to our vision

Statement of ideals

We believe:

That we exist to serve our clients; the services we provide are essential to the individuals, families, business owners and EMC cooperatives we serve that it is important to provide a service high in value and at a fair and honest price

That we must do all things essential to good management – planning, service, research, finance, organization and training of leaders on a long-term basis

That we have both economic and social responsibilities

Statement of objectives

With clients:

  • To provide the best possible client service consistent with the highest standards
  • To enhance our reputation for fair dealing, prompt and efficient service, dependability, integrity, courtesy, productive ability and technical competence
  • To keep our clients informed about our manner of operation, plans and progress and to strive to obtain their understanding and acceptance

We can only be said to be alive in those moments
our hearts are conscious of our treasures.

― Thornton Wilder ―



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