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Empowering the financial lives of EMC employees

Our advisors have more than 25 years of combined experience working for employees and executives of electric membership cooperatives throughout the Southeast. Our focus includes 401(k)s and pension management at the corporate level, and financial planning and asset management for individual employee retirement accounts.

Our EMC clients know firsthand how powerful a resource electricity can be. The money they have accumulated can be equally as powerful. But like electricity, it must be handled carefully by those who are experienced and knowledgeable. Our greatest priority is to help them to make their wealth the powerful tool it's intended to be.

Case study

How we can help Lee transition from lineman to leisure-time fisherman

Lee, an employee of an EMC in Georgia, had been coming to meet with us for several years. When he was ready to retire, we already knew Lee and his family well and had created a financial plan years earlier to help him stay on track for retirement.

As with anyone approaching a life event as significant as retirement, Lee was a little nervous as his retirement date approached – will his years of hard work and saving be enough to generate the income he needed?

Meeting with Lee and his wife, Becky, around their dining room table, we shared strategies designed to help mitigate their concerns and ease the transition into retirement.

Today, Lee is happily retired and a regular at his favorite fishing hole. Even after Lee's retirement date, we continue to make regular calls and visits to update the plan as financial markets and personal circumstances change. It makes for a wonderful long-term relationship based on mutual understanding and a common goal.

This material is hypothetical in nature. It does not guarantee the attainment of your retirement goals.


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