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Individuals and families deserve a personal financial partner

We stand ready to serve as your trusted financial counselor who understands and cares about the goals you have for your family and your future. We know that your objectives and aspirations are uniquely yours – and deserve a strategy and plan customized specifically to you.

We help families address the financial priorities that accompany a busy, fulfilling life. There are college educations to be planned for and insurance plans to be made for protecting your family from the unexpected. There is your own retirement and the eventual transfer of wealth to the next generation. With each need, we'll be here for you as your family builds, grows and evolves into future generations.

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Case study

How we helped a business owner have the financial guidance he needed

Bob is a business owner. Between taking care of customers, working with his staff and dealing with paperwork, he simply didn't have time to give his financial goals and investment portfolio the proper attention they required.

However, he knew doing so was imperative to managing and preserving his wealth and establishing financial independence for himself and his family. From a referral, he heard that we were experienced at helping successful professionals, business owners and executives manage the many financial matters and complexities they faced, so he contacted us.

We met with Bob to learn about his goals, financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. We also discussed the priorities that are important to business owners, tax liabilities, succession planning, employee benefits and the implications from the sale of a business.

We collaborated with Bob's tax and legal advisors to develop a comprehensive wealth management plan that included retirement and estate planning, charitable giving, trust services and funding college for his children.

When Bob is not helping his customers, he finds time to enjoy his favorite leisure pursuits – travel, golf and participating in his favorite charity's fundraiser.

This is a hypothetical example for illustration purposes only. Actual investor results will vary.

The secret of life is
enjoying the passing of time.

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